New NAV2013 Videos page added to DynamicsNAVFinancials

There are a whole lot of very technical NAV2013 videos out there made for programmers and NAV developers.  Videos geared toward the NAV end-user are a bit more difficult to find. I’ve added a new page to the blog so I can add videos I’ve found that I think are helpful. I’ll view each video I find personally and post some comments on each to make it easier for you to decide if you want to spend your time viewing it yourself.

I’ve got a pretty big list to start with, and will put a post out there each time I get a new set of videos reviewed and on the page. If you’ve seen some great stuff out there, or if you’re working on something yourself and want me to review it and add to the page, send me a message!

Let’s get started with some short but effective videos from Microsoft MVP Alex Chow.

video4Closing the year in Dynamics NAV 2013 in 2 minutes; Alex Chow (1:51)  Super quick overview of the year-end close process and great for a quick refresher of the steps you need to follow for this once a year routine. Fast, to the point, accurate. Covers closing the year, closing the income statement, what to do with dimensions, posting the journal, and gives some nice examples on using the NAV2013 search feature to find these functions that we do infrequently.

video5Processing vendor 1099 in Dynamics NAV 2013 in 2 minutes; Alex Chow (1:52)  Super quick overview of setting up a vendor for proper 1099 processing.  Also covers how to post your invoices to gather 1099 information properly and how to print out the 1099s directly from NAV2013.  Hidden gem: quick tour of the same information in NAV Classic.

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