Dynamics NAV Financials is now on Facebook

facebook buttonYou asked for it, you’ve got it! The blog has got its very own Facebook page at  www.facebook.com/DynamicsNavFinancials. For those of you who would rather have Dynamics NAV Financials show up in your Facebook feed, come on over to the new page and hit the Like button!

Since the blog’s been running for almost a year, I’m recycling some of the most popular posts so you have something out there to look at other than my smiling face. If you’re curious about any of my travels with NAVUG, and want to see more pictures of me in a conference room waving my arms around and wearing a name tag, come on over to the Facebook page. I’ll keep you updated on where I’m speaking and about what, and will let you know when new classes open up for registration. And of course, all of the great new content will get posted out there every week.  speednetworking

If you’re more interested in just getting great tips and tricks on how best to use NAV at your job, follow by email from the main blog page, follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to the RSS Feed.

Seriously, thanks for reading. Who would have thought this many people would want to know about this stuff? The fact that people have asked for more ways to get this information is just fantastic. I’ve still got plenty more to say and will keep on sharing as long as people keep on reading!