Drilling down [NAV 50 Tips Series]

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This tip is from the 50 Tips in 50 Days series.  Find more information here!

Navigate [NAV 50 Tips Series]

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This tip is from the 50 Tips in 50 Days series.  Find more information here!

History menus [NAV 50 Tips Series]

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This tip is from the 50 Tips in 50 Days series.  Find more information here!

Use the search function [NAV 50 Tips Series]

View the short video on this tip below.

This tip is from the 50 Tips in 50 Days series.  Find more information here!

50 Tips in 50 Days (2013)

I recently had the opportunity to present a session called 50 Tips in 50 Minutes for Finance at NAVUG Forum and promised to share each of these tips in short video form before the end of 2013.  I’ll release one each day, and update the links on this posting at the end of each week so you can get to them easily.

Finding Things

1)      Use the search function

2)      History menus

3)      Navigate

4)      Drill down

5)      Registers

Moving Around

6)      Use more than one NAV

7)       Screen organization (real estate)

8)       Sorting financial transactions

9)       Filtering financial transactions

10)     Dimension overview

11)     ESC is your best friend

Keyboard Tips

12)      Use “t” instead

13)      F8 to super copy

14)      Keyboard shortcuts

Payment Terms Tips

15)     Recurring last day of month

16)     Payment last day of month

17)     First day of month

18)     Third to last day of month

19)     Payment journal filtering


20)     Recurring journals

21)     Reversing recurring journals

22)     Use recurring journals as a checklist

23)     Change your work date

24)     Batches for journals

25)     Reversing a JE

Before you Post

26)     Simple math in NAV

27)     Preview test posting reports

28)     Use reconcile check box

29)     Block from direct post

30)      Use payment tolerance for small balance write-offs

Audit Trail

31)     Source codes

32)     Reason codes

33)     Number series

34)     Number series for batches

35)     Check for purchases (item transaction detail)

36)     Check for cost changes


37)     Use posting groups to separate your agings

38)     Run your agings three different ways

39)     Run your agings using SQL

Month End

40)     Close the inventory period!

41)     Schedule your adjust cost

42)     User date admin – all/by user

Financial Reporting

43)     Dimensions – use code mandatory

44)     Control of dimensions

45)     Update your analysis views

46)     Run the canned NAV trial balance

47)     Use analysis by dimensions

Learning More

48)     Use the help menu

49)     Use customer source & MSDN.com

50)     Connect with the community!

Where will you find me at NAVUG Forum 2013?

NAVUG_Forum2013_Sig_SpeakerWe’re one week away from NAVUG Forum in beautiful Tampa, Florida.  If you read the blog or maybe you’ve taken one of my classes, I’d love it if you said hello!  Here’s where you can find me during the conference:

Monday, 10/21

8:00 to 5:00  Teaching a full day Academy class: Account Schedules and Analysis Views.

5:00 Attending Buddy Night to make sure first time attendees start off the conference on the right foot.

Tuesday, 10/22

8:00 – General Session.  Will you see me on stage? What will I be doing?  Show up to find out!

10:00 – Conducting a session: Account Schedule Basics

In one quick hour, learn some account schedule basics, and then see how you can set up one schedule and look at it in nine different and easy ways! This session will highlight the differences the RTC and 2013 have made to navigation with account schedules, but all functionality will be applicable to Classic users.

1:15 – Conducting a session: Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

When Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, published her 2013 book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, she didn’t expect it would become the feminist manifesto of the decade. Her observations about fully engaging in our work, bringing all of our talents to the table, and claiming ownership of our roles as leaders in our organizations apply to all professionals. Join this session to discuss how we can all answer her pivotal question: What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?

5:00 to 8:00 Working the iloveNAV booth!

Wednesday, 10/23

11:15 – Conducting a session: Dimensions? Posting Groups? What’s the Difference?

Ever wonder if you’re really using dimensions and posting groups the right way? This session will clarify the differences between these two fundamental parts of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV financial setup. If you’re in the process of deciding how to set these up or trying to decide how to improve on what you have already, you’ll get some great ideas in this session.

6:00 to 8:00 Working the iloveNAV booth!

Thursday, 10/24

9:15 – Conducting a session: The World of Web-Based Microsoft Dynamics NAV Resources

There are a ton of resources out there on the web just waiting for you to find them. The question is, will you find them valuable once you get there? Learn about different types of Microsoft Dynamics NAV resources available on the web for end users, super-users, developers, and more. Find out what’s going to work best for you to maximize the time you have to find answers for what you need.

1:15 – Conducting a session: 50 Tips in 50 Minutes for Finance

This version of our popular, fast-paced 50 tips session focuses on Finance – so get ready to take lots of notes as we run through 50 great tips on how to get more from Microsoft Dynamics NAV Financials to help you be more effective.

3:45 – As the co-chair for the Programming Committee, I’ll be attending the Closing General Feedback Session to hear what you have to say about this year’s conference and to find out what you’d like to see next year.

That’s where I’ll be next week if you’re looking for me.  Make sure to say hello! I’d love to hear how you are making NAV work at your company!

New NAV2013 video reviewed: Cost Control’s Dynamics NAV2013 Quick Entry

video6Dynamics NAV2013 – Quick Entry; Cost Control (6:29)  Fast and effective demo of using the new quick entry feature using a sales order. Cost Control’s Rick Baxter moves us through how to easily customize a fast tab with quick entry so any user can define exactly which fields the cursor stops at for the fastest possible data entry using NAV2013. He also shows how administrators can also set this up for all users.

There are a whole lot of very technical NAV2013 videos out there made for programmers and NAV developers.  Videos geared toward the NAV end-user are a bit more difficult to find. I’ve added a new page to the blog so I can add videos I’ve found that I think are helpful. I’ll review each video I find personally and post some comments on each to make it easier for you to decide if you want to spend your time viewing it yourself.