My #1 Objective for NAVUG Forum is…

As a member of the NAVUG programming committee, I’ve got just one goal at NAVUG Forum this year, and that is to find GREAT examples of what NAV users are doing with NAV at their companies and get these companies to do a CUSTOMER SHOWCASE for other NAV users in webinar format later in the year. I’m ready with a list of questions and I will be talking to as many NAV users as possible to ask them:

  • What’s the most amazing thing your company has used NAV to accomplish this last year?
  • What special project have you completed using NAV this year?
  • What thing have you been doing with NAV lately that has saved you a ton of time?
  • What one thing are you doing with NAV at your company that you think other people should know about?
  • What month would be better for you to do a customer showcase webinar, February or March?

I believe the value of sharing real world applied solutions is priceless and want to provide opportunities for users to teach other users the best practices they know and are using in their businesses every day.

The NAVUG makes it very easy to do and provides all the technology needed for you to share your story, but we need YOU to tell it.  If you’re a little shy about public presentation, this is a great time to ask your partner to present this information along with you.

Really, just avoid the hassle of me asking you all those questions.  Send me a message to tell me what you’re proud about doing with NAV at your company. 


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