Did you know Dynamics NAV Financials now offers training and consulting?

2017 has been an amazing year, and one of the reasons for that is that I decided to work for myself as an independent trainer and business process consultant. Earlier this year, Amanda Mayer and I joined forces to form New View Strategies.

We are offering Training, specialty Microsoft Dynamics NAV Consulting, Contract Controllership and Controller Mentoring, Business Process Review, and YES – we will build your Account Schedules and Jet Reports.

We’ve had a great time this year already doing a lot of training and consulting for companies who were looking for some additional help from former Corporate Controllers who specialize in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Check out the New View Strategies site for more information, or reach out to us directly on the Contact Page. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and how we can help.

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Updated 50 Tips in 50 Minutes Video Library

Hard to believe that I’ve been doing the 50 Tips in 50 Minutes presentation at NAVUG Summit for the fifth year in a row! The session has become so popular, that for the first year ever, I actually get the privilege of presenting the session twice in 2017.

I’ve decided to consolidate all the tips so far into a single place so you can find them more easily instead of by year. They’re all listed below, and you can always go to the Popular Series tab on the main menu to find them, as well as other frequently visited series like Account Schedules 101 and 15 Days of Dimensions.

Most of the videos were recorded in NAV 2013 with a few in NAV2015. In the next three months, I’ll be updating all the videos to Dynamics NAV 2017, along with adding about a dozen brand new tips.



Finding Things

Use the search function

History menus


Drill down


View/Edit (video coming soon)

Screen organization (video coming soon)


Finding Things Faster

Saved customer list

Pipe filter with Excel

Find within a field

Quick Entry

Sorting a list (video coming soon)

Dimension overview (video coming soon)

Moving Around

Use more than one NAV

Screen organization (real estate)

Sorting financial transactions

Filtering financial transactions

Dimension overview

ESC is your best friend


Make the Role Center Your Own (videos coming soon)



Navigation pane


What’s that blue box?


Keyboard Tips

Use “t” instead

F8 to super copy

Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl-E for Excel (video coming soon)


Payment Terms Tips

Recurring last day of month

Payment last day of month

First day of month

Third to last day of month

Payment journal filtering



Recurring journals

Reversing recurring journals

Use recurring journals as a checklist

Change your work date

Batches for journals

Reversing a JE

Posting a $0 line on a journal

Month in journal descriptions  (video coming soon)


Before you Post

Simple math in NAV

Preview test posting reports

Use reconcile check box

Block from direct post

Use payment tolerance for small balance write-offs


Audit Trail

Source codes

Reason codes

Number series

Number series for batches

Check for purchases (item transaction detail)

Check for cost changes



Use posting groups to separate your agings

Run your agings three different ways

Run your agings using SQL


Saved Views are Mini-Reports  (videos coming soon)

Filter to this value

Filter on Non-Visible Cells

Save views in your own menu

Search for saved views

Share saved views with Co-Workers


Month End

Close the inventory period!

Schedule your adjust cost

User date admin – all/by user


Financial Reporting

Dimensions – use code mandatory

Control of dimensions

Update your analysis views

Run the canned NAV trial balance

Use analysis by dimensions

Update 1099 codes and amounts


Copy and Paste

Into a journal entry

Into a sales order


Learning More

Remove table formats (video coming soon)

Windows magnifier (video coming soon)

Use the help menu

Use customer source & MSDN.com

Connect with the community!