New NAV2013 video reviewed: Clients First Finance New Features Dimensions

video3Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Finance New Features DIMENSIONS; Clients First (40:13)  This is one of the only comprehensive videos I’ve seen to date  that covers the redesigned NAV2013 dimensions.  It’s geared toward finance super users as well as developers and discusses in detail why Microsoft made the design changes to dimensions in NAV2013 as well as how the new functionality works. Important new information include the use of SQL for transformation of dimensions from old to new databases instead of the upgrade toolkit, coding changes to the update analysis dimension as well as to the close income statement, and coverage of known issues and work arounds for dimension limitations. The video is presented by Alessandro Vannini, Microsoft Escalation Engineer. The overall pace is pretty slow, but hang in there, the information is worth it! The demo picks up at 22:10 and shows some nice examples of using Ctrl-Alt-F1 to view the dimension sets on the page while still maintaining the end-user view of individual dimensions.

There are a whole lot of very technical NAV2013 videos out there made for programmers and NAV developers.  Videos geared toward the NAV end-user are a bit more difficult to find. I’ve added a new page to the blog so I can add videos I’ve found that I think are helpful. I’ll review each video I find personally and post some comments on each to make it easier for you to decide if you want to spend your time viewing it yourself.

Dynamics NAV Financials series on dimensions to be published in Spanish

I am pleased to announce that the recently published blog series 15 days of dimensions will be translated into Spanish and posted over the next few weeks on the blog TodoSobre Microsoft Dynamics NAV! As someone who believes strongly that NAV users need to help other NAV users by sharing our experiences in how to best use our ERP system of choice in our daily work lives, I could not be more excited at this international collaborative opportunity. Many thanks to Laura Nicolàs for reaching out and offering to do the work to translate the entries and make this material available on her blog.

Laura Nicolàs is a Dynamics NAV consultant with more than 9 years of experience. She has been very involved with the Spanish NAV community. She recently founded a new community focused on Dynamics NAV end users, named . She also blogs regularly at and at Laura is the author of the recently released book, Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, available from Packt Publishing.


Spots still available in classes next week on Financial Setups and Dimensions

openThere are still spots available in the classes I’m teaching on Financial Setups and Dimensions next week, on Wednesday, April 17th. Full class descriptions, and registration links are found on the NAVUG Academy site, or at the links below.  See you in class!

Financial Setups in NAV – 9:00am to 1:00pm ET

Get under the hood to understand the inner workings of Microsoft Dynamics NAV financial setups.  The class covers all the basics you need to understand how the financial management area can be configured.  Whether you’re new to NAV, a prospective customer deciding if NAV is the right fit for your company, a Controller or CFO who is new to a company already using NAV, or even an experienced NAV user who wants to know how to maximize your software, this class will get you the foundation you need to make important configuration decisions regarding your ERP software.  This course is open to any NAV user.

Focus on financial considerations like understanding and using posting groups, choosing dimensions, set up of master records for customers, vendors, and items, why number series are important, and what the options are for financial reporting.  Understand what options are available to you related to budgeting, intercompany transactions and consolidations, and month end close and get a tour of best practices related to journal entries, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

Dimensions in Dynamics NAV – 2:00pm to 6:00pm ET

What are dimensions, and why do you want to use them?  How can you use dimensions to gain control, consistency, accuracy, and efficiency in your financial postings?  How can dimensions make your financial reporting not only flexible but powerful at the same time?  This course is open to any NAV user.

Using hands-on exercises in an online NAV database, try out different dimension configurations in multiple scenarios to really understand how they behave.  Get a chance to see how dimensions flow through your accounting system from beginning data entry to final financial statement production.  This class is your opportunity to finally understand dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and how they can help you and your business.