Account Schedule Examples

This page was developed to share examples of basic NAV account schedule row setups and column layouts with the user community. All examples use NAV2013 and the majority of the features shown work in other versions of NAV. However, the screen layout, especially use of filters and the new matrix look quite different between Classic and Role-Tailored versions of NAV. Follow the links below to view the design view for row setups and column layouts. Each page also shows a results view of the featured row setup or column layout as the end-user will see it on-screen. Double-click on any image to make it larger.

[ Looking for even more information about how to use NAV Account Schedules? Try the NAV Account Schedules 101 series.  Find the entire list of lessons here. ]

Basic Trial Balance (row setup)

Month to Date vs. Year to Date (column layout)

12 month Trend Balance (column layout)

12 month Trend Net Change (column layout)

Budgets (column layout)

Alternate Trend Net Change (column layout)

Basic Balance Sheet (row setup)

Current Month Balance vs. Same Month Prior Year Balance (column layout)

Basic Income Statement (row setup)

Current Month vs. Same Month Prior Year Net Change (column layout)

Base for Percent (row setup)

Base for Percent (column layout)

Dimensions (row setup)

Dimensions (column layout)

Detailed Budget (column layout)

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