Financial reporting and why we need more information from people who actually do it

There are lots of folks out there who want to sell you something.  There are endless solutions, for a price, for the problem you or your business may have.  All of these solutions have merit for one reason or another, or they wouldn’t exist in a competitive capitalist society.

But I’ll tell you a secret.  The best solutions I have gotten have been from other people who do the same type of thing I do every day.

I have the great privilege to belong to an amazing tribe of professionals who use Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the ERP software of choice for their businesses.  These folks come together at conferences and during webinars throughout the year and even reach out to each other informally through emails and quick phone calls.  And do you know what they’re doing?  They’re helping each other solve problems.

I’ve learned a lot from Microsoft training sessions, from reading the manual, and from plain old experimentation.  But the best learning I continue to get comes from my tribe at NAVUG (NAV User Group).

I’m a Controller at a small company.  There is one other person there who has an accounting degree, and two people in the IT department.  Without reaching out through NAVUG, it’s easy to get out of date, out of practice, out of touch, and out of synch with what best practices are out there in the rest of the world.

I’ve found that by sharing what I know, I build new relationships through my network who share what they know with me, and you know what?  We all win.