NAVUG spotter at Convergence: Monday highlights

User groups have been the word(s) of the day for Monday!  Sessions on fixed assets, NAV integration with SharePoint, reporting with the RTC, account schedules, database optimization, and international deployment were all sessions delivered for NAV end user attendees by NAVUG members. Despite jet lag, nerves, uncooperative database connections, and the ever-present challenge to make it to the right room down some loooong hallways, volunteer end user presenters did a great job of sharing vital information and attendees did a great job of asking questions.

Roundtable discussions seem to be a rousing success with the only flaw being that we have more attendees than chairs. It was not uncommon to see attendees sitting around a table with one ring of attendees standing behind them, and another ring behind that group! I saw lots of business cards flying and people making connections with folks who use NAV in their jobs every day, just like they do. Around the CFO and Controllers table, the hot topics of the session were upgrading and BI and reporting, perennial NAV topics that end users still struggle to agree on. Other NAV hot topic tables were: currently implementing companies, converting forms to pages, ask your peers: supply chain, international installations, and professional service companies. roundtables

The long registration lines have subsided, and the hallways and Expo hall are full of attendees continuing the conversations they started earlier in the day. As we move into the evening, I can hear Cajun music starting and smell the food being put out for the first reception of Convergence 2013.

Users helping users at Convergence!

Did you know when you see a session labeled *hosted by the __UG at Convergence, most of these sessions are run by customers? Did you also know all of these customers are volunteers? Why do they do it?

Most of these folks are offering what they know as a way to give back to other people who are using the same ERP software. They’ve had the benefit of having someone else share with them what they know in the past and want to do the same for others.

navug with nameAt Convergence this year, the NAVUG (NAV user group) is more active at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence than ever before, offering 19 sessions given by end users who use the software every day at their companies!

Last week, I posted a daily summary of what sessions are being offered by the NAVUG, loosely categorized by user type. Follow the links to find the sessions you want to attend in order to network with people who use NAV, just like you do!

NAVUG spotter at Convergence:  Where will you find international users?

NAVUG spotter at Convergence: Where will you find finance users?

NAVUG spotter at Convergence: Where will you find IT and developer users?

NAVUG spotter at Convergence:  Where will you find supply chain users?

NAVUG spotter at Convergence: Where will you find supply chain users?

navug with nameThis year, the NAVUG (NAV user group) is more active at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence than ever before, offering 19 sessions given by end users who use the software every day at their companies! There are plenty of opportunities to attend sessions on supply chain topics and to meet other supply chain end users.

Start off your week on Monday by attending roundtable discussions.  There will be a role based table for supply chain and manufacturing personnel as well as an ask your peers table.

On Tuesday, attend a session by Marc Allman, Chief Operating Officer at AMS Controls, and Kevin Fons, Director of Business Systems at Saris Cycling Group, to get tips and tricks for supply planning. On Wednesday, Marc Allman teams up with Heather Allman, Communications Director at AMS Controls, and Bob Bergman, Senior Microsoft Dynamics NAV Consultant with Archerpoint, to conduct an ask your peers session on manufacturing setups. To cap off the week on Thursday, Nancy O’Hara, Director of Business Systems at Shaw Development, and Tom Taylor, Microsoft Dynamics Partner Technology Advisor with Microsoft, conduct a session together on warehousing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

NAVUG spotter at Convergence: Where will you find IT and developer users?

navug with nameThis year, the NAVUG (NAV user group) is more active at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence than ever before, offering 19 sessions given by end users who use the software every day at their companies! There are plenty of opportunities to attend sessions on IT and developer topics and to meet other IT and developer end users.

The user group gets Monday’s sessions started with three sessions for IT and developer roles. Kali Petit, Systems Analyst Manager at Group O, gets the day going with a session on integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV with SharePoint, while Kim Congleton, Director IT for Supply Chain Solutions at Group O, gives a session on reporting 101 using the role tailored client. Matt Traxinger, Dynamics NAV MVP and Developer at ArcherPoint, caps off the Monday sessions with database optimization and best practices in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Kali Petit is joined by David Long, SharePoint Practice Leader at Tribridge, and Doug Shepard, Director of Information Technology at Augsburg Fortress Publishers, as peer experts for an interactive discussion on getting more out of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Anticipating quite of bit of interest in this topic, the session is offered in time slots on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Also on Wednesday, Scott Rose, VP of Operations at Mirus Bio joins forces with Fria Kurowski, Account Manager for ABC Computers, for a session on how to make a smooth transition when moving from classic to RTC.

To end off the week, there is one last session offered on Thursday for folks looking for an interactive discussion with a peer panel related to upgrade experiences with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  This session makes NAVUG members who are in all different stages of NAV upgrade and implementation available to Convergence attendees to ask questions about what their experiences have been.  Peer panelists for this session are David Hatker, VP of IT at CCA & B, Kim Congleton, Director IT for Supply Chain Solutions at Group O, Kerry Rosvold, Corporate Controller at Augsburg Fortress Publishers, and Greg Kaupp, CEO of ArcherPoint.

Don’t forget there are plenty of opportunities on Monday during the time slots for roundtable discussion, with specific tables available for IT Managers, Developers and Programmers.  The IT and Developer roles dominate the hot topic roundtables this year covering upgrading, reporting in NAV, integrating NAV with SharePoint, NAV modifications, recent go lives, current implementations, and converting forms to pages.

NAVUG spotter at Convergence: Where will you find finance users?

navug with nameThis year, the NAVUG (NAV user group) is more active at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence than ever before, offering 19 sessions given by end users who use the software every day at their companies! There are plenty of opportunities to attend sessions on finance topics and to meet other finance end users.

On Monday, there is a session offered by Robb Delprado, President of Western Data Systems, on fixed assets, and a session on account schedules being offered by Kerry Rosvold (me!).

Robb and Kerry join Dave Wiser, Controller at Tillamook Cheese, and Lee Weiner, Chief Financial Officer at The Bradshaw Group, Inc. as peer experts for two sessions of Ask Your Peers: Finance Professionals, on Tuesday and again on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Kerry returns to do a session on dimensions, and Andy Snook, President of FastPath, offers a session on audit compliance.

All of these sessions are made possible by the NAVUG and the participation of their users!  Don’t forget about the roundtable discussions on Monday as well.  There are tables planned for CFO/Controllers and Cost Accountants where free discussion will be facilitated by user group leaders.  These are great opportunities to meet other end users who use NAV every day, just like you do!

NAVUG spotter at Convergence: Where will you find international users?

navug with nameThis year, the NAVUG (NAV user group) is more active at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence than ever before, offering 19 sessions given by end users who use the software every day at their companies!  For the first time ever, there are two international business sessions being offered by end users.  If you are looking to make connections with users who utilize NAV with a global or international emphasis in their businesses, these sessions are the place to be.

Sydney Stroyer is an International Supervisor with Bally Technologies and Jesus Carbajal is Head of Information and Systems at Nissin Foods of Mexico.  These two speakers, along with Alexander Lutz, Head of Microsoft Dynamics NAV at metabowerke GmbH, in Germany, will also be hosting a Hot Topics Roundtable on International Installations on Monday.

Don’t forget there is also an International Lounge at Convergence this year, located in the Atrium Cafe, next to the Starbucks.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: How to Approach an International Deployment  UBNAV05  Monday, March 18    1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Would you like to network and share experiences with users with global deployments of Microsoft Dynamics NAV? If your company is running Microsoft Dynamics NAV in more than one country (or plans to!) join us and share your experiences. We’ll explore how your company has addressed challenges with operating Microsoft NAV on a large scale and/or on a multi-country scale. Share your experiences and in turn listen as peers share their knowledge on international installs. *Hosted by NAVUG*

Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Global Finance Accounting CSNAV14; Thursday, March 21 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Does your company manage international operations? Then this session is for you. This session is packed with information about the new financial management functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. You’ll learn how to use currencies, review the recommended settings and find out how to update exchange rate currencies automatically. See how to setup an additional reporting currency on your G/L accounts, and how to consolidate accounts from subsidiaries – including amounts in other currencies. *Hosted by NAVUG*

It’s Convergence time! Where will you find the NAV people?

Anyone who knows me will nod their head and smile if you describe me as a compulsive planner. I have a white board in my office and my kitchen, my best friend will be happy to tell you an old college story about me and excessive use of index cards, and I’ve already been using my Convergence Schedule Builder for weeks. The biggest question I have every year is: where will I find the NAV people? With projections of over 11,000 attendees in 2013, it can be a serious challenge to find folks to network with who are using the same ERP solution. Here’s my list of where I’ll be looking for other people who use NAV every day, just like I do. UG people

1)  Watch for any session labeled with ID, these are interactive discussions and are generally your best bet to find like-minded NAV professionals.  The bonus of attending these sessions is that participants are encouraged to interact and discuss the topic during the session.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions of other NAV users, but is also a great chance to introduce yourself to someone later.  Catch them in the hall with a quick, “that was a great point you made on database optimization in that last session” and you’ve got an instant conversation starter.

2)  NAVUG, the NAV user group, is giving a session on Wednesday at 12:30 titled “Get to know NAVUG – your resource group for all things Microsoft Dynamics NAV”.  If you haven’t been involved with the user group yet, this is a great way to hear what they’re all about, meet a few folks, and see what they have to offer during the year. The user group also has a booth in the Expo hall.

3)  Go to the booth, also in the Expo hall. This is a wonderful group of people who are looking to give NAV users a voice, using idea crowdsourcing, in what happens next with their chosen ERP solution.

4)  Head to the Microsoft help desk.  There is sure to be a line of people waiting for their appointed NAV guru to help them solve business challenges. Most of the folks standing there will also be NAV users, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation.

5)  Watch for the user group banner in the meal hall. There’s generally a banner somewhere in the meal hall that indicates a special roped off area for user group members. Do not be intimidated by the rope!  If you’re looking to meet other NAV users, come on in and come on over! Folks in the NAVUG are always happy to meet a fellow NAV user.

See you there!

Dynamics NAV Financials is now on Facebook

facebook buttonYou asked for it, you’ve got it! The blog has got its very own Facebook page at For those of you who would rather have Dynamics NAV Financials show up in your Facebook feed, come on over to the new page and hit the Like button!

Since the blog’s been running for almost a year, I’m recycling some of the most popular posts so you have something out there to look at other than my smiling face. If you’re curious about any of my travels with NAVUG, and want to see more pictures of me in a conference room waving my arms around and wearing a name tag, come on over to the Facebook page. I’ll keep you updated on where I’m speaking and about what, and will let you know when new classes open up for registration. And of course, all of the great new content will get posted out there every week.  speednetworking

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Seriously, thanks for reading. Who would have thought this many people would want to know about this stuff? The fact that people have asked for more ways to get this information is just fantastic. I’ve still got plenty more to say and will keep on sharing as long as people keep on reading!

Learning about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013: on demand learning from NAVUG is a fantastic resource!

learnAs my company continues to move down the path to upgrading to NAV 2013, learning about the new version is high on our list of priorities.  Yesterday, we gathered a group of 18 employees to view a webinar that had been recorded by the NAV user group (NAVUG). The live webinar had been done a month ago, but NAVUG records all of its webinars so user group members can view them on demand later.

I took the opportunity to view the webinar first to vet the material for appropriateness for our group. Being able to see the recording first allowed us to tailor the list of who we invited to view the webinar. Based on the content of the webinar, we invited NAV end users from the customer care, purchasing, finance, IT, warehouse, and marketing departments as well as our CFO and CEO. It was hugely convenient to be able to view the recorded webinar as a group because it allowed us to do this at a time that was convenient to us, we all got to consume the same learning experience at the same time, and we got a chance to discuss what we saw in the context of our own upgrade plans.

The webinar we viewed was titled “NAVUG 2013 Webinar Series: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 – A Functional Preview” and we were excited to see some of the new charting and cash flow improvements, as well as to hear about dimension sets, database performance increases, and improved copy and paste.  There were some smiles and ooh and aahs during the discussion of the web client and SharePoint clients for remote access and use of tablet technologies like the iPad and Surface.  There was even a smattering of applause when the presenter showed some improved Excel integration features!  Most importantly, all the people in the room got to pick up on the real world impact that NAV 2013 improvements will have on their jobs.  Our company is still using the Classic Client, so for most of the people attending this was their first exposure to the Role Tailored Client and this webinar really got a lot of them thinking about what the “new” NAV would look like.

I can see already that NAVUG has two more sessions planned in their NAV 2013 Webinar Series.  You can bet I’ll be viewing both of these, whether it is at the scheduled time for the webinar, or later, from the recorded session, and finding a way to share the info with other interested folks at my company.

NAVUG NAV 2013 Series: Introduction to ODATA Web Services: How to easily publish your NAV data  01/30/2013 11:00 AM (ET)  NAV 2013 brings ODATA Web Services as a new way to access your NAV data from outside the system. Attend this session to find out how you can use ODATA to access your data from many other applications like Excel, SQL Reporting Services, Internet Explorer, smartphones and tablets.

NAVUG NAV 2013 Series: New Feature – Cash Flow  02/14/2013 09:30 AM (ET) We will demo how the new Cash Flow Forecast in NAV 2013 gives an efficient way to forecast short-term cash flow, enable better monitoring of cash receipts and cash disbursements and use the information to take preemptive steps.

For the cost of our annual corporate NAVUG membership, we were able to get 18 people at our company exposed to important concepts about the new version of the software that will be coming their way soon. We didn’t need to incur any travel costs or even any seminar registration fees, and we were able to schedule it at a time that worked for us. I know our company will continue to use the NAVUG library of recorded webinars as we continue to learn about NAV 2013.  I hope you find this resource as useful as we have!

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