It’s Convergence time! Where will you find the NAV people?

Anyone who knows me will nod their head and smile if you describe me as a compulsive planner. I have a white board in my office and my kitchen, my best friend will be happy to tell you an old college story about me and excessive use of index cards, and I’ve already been using my Convergence Schedule Builder for weeks. The biggest question I have every year is: where will I find the NAV people? With projections of over 11,000 attendees in 2013, it can be a serious challenge to find folks to network with who are using the same ERP solution. Here’s my list of where I’ll be looking for other people who use NAV every day, just like I do. UG people

1)  Watch for any session labeled with ID, these are interactive discussions and are generally your best bet to find like-minded NAV professionals.  The bonus of attending these sessions is that participants are encouraged to interact and discuss the topic during the session.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions of other NAV users, but is also a great chance to introduce yourself to someone later.  Catch them in the hall with a quick, “that was a great point you made on database optimization in that last session” and you’ve got an instant conversation starter.

2)  NAVUG, the NAV user group, is giving a session on Wednesday at 12:30 titled “Get to know NAVUG – your resource group for all things Microsoft Dynamics NAV”.  If you haven’t been involved with the user group yet, this is a great way to hear what they’re all about, meet a few folks, and see what they have to offer during the year. The user group also has a booth in the Expo hall.

3)  Go to the booth, also in the Expo hall. This is a wonderful group of people who are looking to give NAV users a voice, using idea crowdsourcing, in what happens next with their chosen ERP solution.

4)  Head to the Microsoft help desk.  There is sure to be a line of people waiting for their appointed NAV guru to help them solve business challenges. Most of the folks standing there will also be NAV users, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation.

5)  Watch for the user group banner in the meal hall. There’s generally a banner somewhere in the meal hall that indicates a special roped off area for user group members. Do not be intimidated by the rope!  If you’re looking to meet other NAV users, come on in and come on over! Folks in the NAVUG are always happy to meet a fellow NAV user.

See you there!

One Comment on “It’s Convergence time! Where will you find the NAV people?”

  1. sscanlan2012 says:

    I Love NAV is booth 337 and the Microsoft help desk is in the solution pavilion, at the center of Expo hall. See ya’ll there!

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