Top 10 Tips of 2014 – picked by you!

Top 10 bWe’re ringing in the new year with the Top 10 favorite tips as rated on evaluation forms by attendees at NAVUG Summit at the 50 Tips in 50 Minutes for Finance session that I’ve now gotten to present two years in a row! These tips were rated the most useful by folks who use NAV every day, just like you do! As always, if you know a tip you think should be shared with the NAVUG community, share it in the comments, and I’ll try to include in next year’s session!

  1. Copy and paste Into a journal entry (NEW)
  2. Finding things faster with a Saved customer list (NEW)
  3. Finding things faster by using Quick Entry (NEW)
  4. Copy and paste Into a sales order (NEW)
  5. Keyboard tips Use “t” instead
  6. Before you post use Simple math in NAV
  7. Payment terms for Third to last day of month
  8. Payment terms for First day of month
  9. Finding things faster by using the Pipe filter with Excel (NEW)
  10. Journal tips for Posting a $0 line on a journal (NEW)


 This list is from the NAV 50 Tips series.  Find more information here!

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