NAV Account Schedules class offered only one time in 2014

If you’ve been following for a while you might know that up until 2014, I’ve taught both an annual in classroom class and multiple online classes for account schedules throughout the year. Due to a very busy schedule in 2014, I’m only offering my account schedules class one time in 2014. 

I will be teaching a full day in person class at NAVUG Summit in St. Louis this year. I will be doing the class twice on Monday, October 13th in NAV2013 and on Tuesday, October 14th in NAV2009 Classic. Follow the links to get to registration for this class and for more information about the conference.

The class is a full immersion day of nothing but account schedules. We will spend more than 50% of the time doing hands on exercises so you can easily learn and retain the material we cover in class. The class sizes are small so you will be able to have lots of one on one time to ask questions specific to your businesses. Since this class is only being offered one time this year, I encourage you to sign up early to make sure you get a spot.

See you there!



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