NAV AS 101 Lesson 20: Sharing with your friends

Man with white gift box. Isolated 3D imageIt’s super easy to share your account schedule designs with other people. I share mine all the time and I’ve asked more than a few people to share their designs with me.

You can always just copy the design view and paste it into Excel, or in Classic versions, go to Financial Management, General Ledger, Reports, Financial Statement, and choose the Account Schedule Layout. In RTC versions, just search for “Account Schedule Layout”. NAV2013 has gone even one step further. When printing an account schedule, if you click a little box in the setup labeled “show account schedule setup”, you get a report that shows your design view right next to your end-user view, which makes it super easy to compare your design and results, or to share it with someone else.

This posting is part of the NAV Account Schedules 101 series.  Find the entire list of lessons here.

Don’t forget to visit the Account Schedule Formulas and Account Schedule Examples pages if you’re looking for even more ideas on how to improve your financial reporting using account schedules with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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