Celebration Picture

Just had to share one last souvenir from our celebration of the 2014 Microsoft Dynamics Customer Excellence Community Champion award.

From left to right: Kirill Tatarinov, Microsoft; Tom Doran, ABC Computers; Marc Allman, AMS Controls; Trish Boccuti, Fastpath; Suzanne Scanlan, Archerpoint; Kerry Rosvold, Augsburg Fortress; Greg Kaupp, Archerpoint; Tom Blaisdell, Microsoft; Jon Rivers, Datamasons; Andy Hafer, Dynamic Communities; Wayne Morris, Microsoft.

Kerry Rosvold, Augsburg Fortress

One Comment on “Celebration Picture”

  1. Steven Chinsky says:

    3 cheers and well deserved. I like the photo (should layer the word NAV in the background) 🙂

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