NAV Account Schedule Examples Page on Dynamics NAV Financials Blog

newThere’s a new feature to the Dynamics NAV Financials blog – a page dedicated to showing examples of account schedules!  You will find foundational row setups and column layouts available for your reference as you build and improve the financial statements you use for your company.  There are examples of a trial balance, balance sheet, and income statement here, but also examples of how to include base for percent and dimensions in your schedules, and plenty of options for how to use columns. Each page features the design view for the relevant row setup or column layout as well as a results view showing how the end-user will see it on-screen.

Hopefully you’ll find this page as useful as you have the Account Schedules Formulas page.  As the blog has grown, so has the use of the formulas page, with high traffic on this page especially as readers reference the formulas they need for their account schedules!

I’m launching a 12 week series on account schedules starting mid-April that will refer to many of these examples as we move through the series, so stay tuned. Thanks for following Dynamics NAV Financials!

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