New NAV2013 video reviewed: Clients First Finance New Features Cost Accounting

video2Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Finance New Features COST ACCOUNTING; Clients First (52:27)  This is one of the only comprehensive videos I’ve seen to date that covers the new NAV2013 cost accounting features. It’s geared toward the finance super user. The video is presented by Andreas Gunther, Microsoft Escalation Engineer. There are two demos, the first from 6:20 to 16:47 showing where to find the new features and the second from 26:49 to 52:00 showing new functionality. In between the demos, there is some discussion of advanced setup considerations, posting and transferring data, allocations, reporting using account schedules, and budgeting.

There are a whole lot of very technical NAV2013 videos out there made for programmers and NAV developers.  Videos geared toward the NAV end-user are a bit more difficult to find. I’ve added a new page to the blog so I can add videos I’ve found that I think are helpful. I’ll review each video I find personally and post some comments on each to make it easier for you to decide if you want to spend your time viewing it yourself.

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