Why finance and IT need to work in partnership on a NAV dimension strategy (part 4 of 15)

Business Colleagues Working with LaptopWho’s responsible for determining which dimensions are used, keeping the database clean, and trouble shooting dimension problems – IT or Finance?  The answer really should be BOTH!

While your company’s finance NAV expert has a perspective on dimensions related to financial reporting outcomes, control and consistency of data, and accounting staff efficiency, your company’s IT NAV expert will have a different perspective.  Many times, the task of resolving dimension errors, data collection disconnects, and database size and speed fall on the shoulders of your IT team.

By working together on establishing what your company’s strategy is on how dimensions are implemented, used, added, and changed, you can blend the best of both worlds and make sure everyone’s interests are represented. Everyone on the team, no matter what their role, should understand why you’ve chosen to use code mandatory instead of same code and how dimension use for items differs from dimension use for customers. Knowing what your global dimensions are, why they have high priority and visibility in your reporting structure, and how to get your hands on data related to shortcut dimensions is useful to both groups as they formulate new reports for the company.

Keep reading this month as we continue our series, 15 Days of NAV Dimensions.

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