List of official bloggers announced for Microsoft’s Convergence 2013

blog convergence headshotJon Rivers of Data Masons just wrote this article about how Microsoft is showcasing the role of social media at Convergence 2013.

I’m happy to announce that I’m also one of the official bloggers on the list this year, and will be joining 11 other bloggers during the conference in keeping attendees in touch with the pulse of Convergence during the week.  Microsoft is providing all of the bloggers with Surfaces to keep us mobile, traveling light, and connected and is also providing a Social Media Command Center to give attendees a place to charge devices, sit, and observe or engage in social media activities.

Jon’s article lists all of the official bloggers, make sure to look it over and add these experts to your list of social media sources to watch during the week.

If you haven’t already, and especially if you’re not able to attend this year, subscribe to Dynamics NAV Financials through my email link, RSS Feed, or Facebook page; or for up to the minute updates, follow on twitter @krosvold!

One Comment on “List of official bloggers announced for Microsoft’s Convergence 2013”

  1. Jon Rivers says:

    Looking forward to blogging with you Kerry at Convergence 2013

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