NAVUG in Rome!

IMG_4381Representatives of NAVUG got the opportunity this week to travel to Italy for The NAVUG Event – Rome 2013 to meet other international NAV user groups, partners, vendors, and end users.  In a quick couple of days, these groups got to participate in many activities including speednetworking, educational sessions, round table discussions, and ask the expert panels.  NAV users from Germany, Denmark, Italy, Kenya, and other countries got the chance to connect, learn and share together at the Microsoft offices located in Rome, Italy.

Shown in the picture in front of those offices are Kerry Rosvold (Augsburg Fortress Publishers), Trish Boccutti (Dynamic Communities), Marc Allman (AMS Controls), and Jason Chance (Seventh Generation).  The NAVUG group had the privledge of presenting and facilitating sessions on Data Warehousing, Upgrading Tips and Tricks, Finance 101, Database Optimization, Manufacturing, Supply Planning, and Reporting Architecture.

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